Topamax Class Action Lawsuit
Did you or a loved one take Topamax for seizures or migraines while pregnant, and give birth to a child with any of the following health problems?
  • Cleft Palate
  • Cleft Lip
  • Oral Deformities
  • Spinal Bifida
  • Hypospadia
  • Pulmonary Defects
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What is Topamax?

   Topamax is a prescription drug manufactured by Ortho-McNeil, a division of the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Topamax was originally prescribed for people with epilepsy, migraine headaches, and seizures, but was later prescribed for many other off-label uses. In March 2011, an FDA warning was issued over dangers of greatly increased risks of serious birth defects in babies with mothers who had taken Topamax while pregnant. The drug maker later admitted to promoting Topamax for uses not approved by the FDA, and paid an $81 million fine. As more evidence of serious side effects and birth defects from Topamax usage has emerged, the manufacturer has been sued for multiple Topamax lawsuits.


What Are My Legal Rights?

   If you are the parent of a child who has suffered harm or side effects from Topamax drug usage during pregnancy, you may have certain rights to compensation for yourself and your child from the manufacturer. These rights may include:

  • Eligibility for Free Legal Representation and Case Review
  • Access to Latest Information about Topamax side effects and lawsuits
  • Compensation for medical bills, surgery, pain and suffering, and other compensatory payments for you and your child.

Our Topamax Attorneys Can Help if Your Baby was Harmed

   The costs and hardships to families hurt by Topamax side effects can be immense. Topamax lawyers all over the United States are helping those injured by Topamax to get the compensation and legal help they deserve. Many Topamax class action lawsuits have settled already, sparing families the trouble and delay of court litigation.

   Having experienced legal representation can mean the difference between a successful claim and recovery for monetary damages, or a lifetime of serious medical expenses and health problems for children of mothers who took Topamax while pregnant. Your chances of a successful recovery for you and your baby depend on an experienced team for your legal representation.

   Fill out the form above to have your case details reviewed by our trained Topamax legal team. They will examine your case free of charge and work with you to educate you about Topamax birth defects and your legal right to recovery.

Act Now to Protect your Legal Rights

   Don’t face an uncertain future from the long-term effects of Topamax injuries. Fill out this no-obligation form, and get the assistance from a Topamax lawyer that you deserve. Our legal professionals will provide a complementary evaluation of your claim and can educate you on your options.

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